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In the world today housing prices are consistently soaring and not everybody can actually find the cash to move house when they need to. The cost of moving house needs to be combined with the price of the new property in addition to all the extras when you are determining the total expenditure involved. If your family is outgrowing your home however you cannot afford to move there are still some great options.

A fairly expensive solution is to add a brick extension to your current home to generate that additional living space, but you may not get planning permission, and also your property might not be suitable for this. Yet another possibility is to do a garage conversion, which would be cheaper although will depend on you actually having a garage and not needing to use it. A very good answer that will increase the value of your home while not adding to the property footprint, is to convert your loft.

For the reasons above loft conversion has become very popular over the last few years. Prior to going along this route, you will have to be sure your home is in actual fact suitable for a loft conversion. Not all houses are actually suitable, especially more modern houses having trussed roofs. Older homes which were built before the seventies are usually good for loft conversions because they were built with solid timbers and there was generally lots of head space.

To check out the situation with your specific loft and ensure it is suitable you will have to bring in a conversion specialist. The builder will present you with a quote for the work after he's affirmed that your loft is suitable for conversion. Obtain several additional estimates from different builders, so you have a decent pick of tradespeople. When you are deciding on the ideal company for the work you should utilize your intuition rather than just go for the lowest quote.

The vast majority of loft conversions in do not require planning permission, so there's a high likelihood that yours won't either. The local authority planning office is the place to head to see whether you do need to get planning permission. A loft conversions company would have addressed these issues over and over again before, that is why you ought to seek their advice and guidance at the get go.

Though for house owners, getting a loft conversion might be a good choice, it still requires a considerable financial commitment. Unless you already have the cash you could perhaps put in for a loan, which is often not that difficult as the chances are that your loft conversion will add substantially to the value of the house. As a rule of thumb you might assume a loft conversion to cost you roughly as much as a fair size brickwork ground level extension though the probability is that you'll generate more space with a loft conversion without expanding the footprint of your property.


The layout and style of your actual dwelling will have an impact on the kind of conversion you go for. There are different styles of conversions available in including: velux loft conversions, hip-to-gable loft conversions, loft pods, roof light conversions, roof lift loft conversions, dormer loft conversions and mansard loft conversions. Your builder will explain what type is actually most suitable for your home.

Perhaps the most favored kind of conversion right now is the dormer type, a concept that delivers value for money, though still generates the maximum possible space. The dormer is a popular option with householders because it is both appealing and effective and provides everything that could possibly be required. With this type its even a possibility to put in a small balcony to your extra floor, meaning that you're generating additional exterior space too. There are distinct types of dormers and these include gable fronted dormers, Velux dormers, flat roof dormers and shed dormers. Check with a specialist to learn which one is the most appropriate for your specific dwelling.

Velux Conversions

Clearly one of the most famous names in roof windows, Velux, have been in business for around fifty years and you can depend on them to supply loft windows which are both dependable and high class. Velux windows are built to be fitted flush with the angle of your roof and hence don't change the shape of the roof structure, they don't ordinarily call for local authority permission plus they are pretty inexpensive to put in. They let in a decent quantity of daylight and actually could even require blinds fitted during the warm months. If your loft has got a good amount of height, a Velux windows may be the perfect choice for your project, particularly if you've got limited funds.

How Much Time Does it Take to Complete?

The time scale for a standard loft conversion would be determined by several variables such as the prevailing weather conditions, the kind of conversion, the proficiency of the contractors, the availability of materials and the amount of planning that's undertaken. As an approximate guideline it ought to take approximately 4 to 5 weeks to accomplish a rear dormer loft conversion on a terraced home and about five or six weeks to do a hip to gable dormer conversion on a semi-detached dwelling.

When your conversion is completed, there's lots of uses you can put it to. You might turn it into an extra bedroom or two, a new family bathroom or a TV room. But of course there's a lot of applications to which a well designed loft conversion can be put, restricted merely by your inventiveness!

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